Every time I tell myself that we're going to do a better job of posting current professional and personal work; I forget as soon as the thought enters my head...This is something I want to be better at so that YOU can get a deeper look at who we are.

A lot has happened over the winter.  We've hada break from "work" that has allowed us to catch up and breath a little bit.  In that time we welcomed our baby boy Kais to this world. 


He was literally about 12 hours old in this photo.  He's been the definition of chill baby.  Hardly cries, sleeps almost all the way through the night.  We have so much love for this kid already it's pretty much awesome. His sibs love him too.

In the middle of all of THAT craziness of figuring out life with a newborn....again.  We decided it was a good time for a master bathroom complete gut and remodel.  That post for another day.